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Care of Your Encaustic Painting

Encaustic is a beeswax based paint that consists of beeswax, resin, and pigment.  It is kept molten on a heated palette, applied to a surface and reheated to fuse the paint into a uniform enamel-like finish.  

Here are some things to know about encaustic paintings:

  • Encaustic paintings do not have to be varnished or protected by glass.
  • DO NOT hang your encaustic painting:

¨      Above or near a fireplace or other heating source.

¨      In the sun.

  • Always protect the surface and edges of the encaustic painting when moving it.  Although the surface is completely dry, encaustic paintings can be scratched,  gouged, or chipped if handled roughly. 
  • Encaustic paintings are extremely durable due to the fact that beeswax is impervious to moisture. Because of this it will not deteriorate, it will not yellow, and it will not darken.  Examples of encaustic paintings have survived from the Greek and Roman empires and are still as vibrant and colorful today as they were when they were painted. 
  • Encaustic paintings can be buffed to a high gloss using a soft, lint free cloth.  This sheen dulls over time and can be brought back by repeating the process. 

    NOTE:  I buff some of my encaustic paintings—not all—and I do so in a very selective way.  Please check with me about what to buff, if anything.  There is a possibility that you could damage the painting by buffing some sections too vigorously.




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