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Landscape painting is an exploration of the land and a way for me to connect with and express my passion for the incredible beauty in the world around us.  I strive to bring this beauty to the viewer and to share my vision with them. 

I often paint en plein air, or outside on location, tapping into an energy that does not exist in the studio.  The sights, the sounds, the smells, the wind and weather, and the changing light all combine to invoke excitement, emotion, and passion.  An intimate connection with the place develops and is forever imprinted upon my memory.  Years later, a painting evokes the same sights, sounds, smells, and emotions I felt on the day it was painted, much like an old song takes one back to a period or moment in their life.

Initially, the painting is about a particular view of the land at a particular time of day.  Shapes and structures are painted and slowly evolve into a mountain, a tree, a river.  But the best elements of the painting come from connecting to a higher place…something much greater than myself…a creative zone in which the awareness of time is lost and only the landscape and paint and canvas and I exist.  Decisions become intuitive and unconscious.  From this creative zone, objects and relationships emerge in the painting that are reminiscent of the scene, and yet different, new, and exciting. 

Thus, during the painting process, the painting takes on its own identity…a particular landscape, yes…but its own version of the landscape.  It now stands on its own terms - a new and unique object.  It has its own power.  It is the magic of creation.  The beauty of the landscape inspired it, but the painting is now about itself, the process, and the thousands of decisions, both conscious and unconscious that created it.  It is about the beauty of the land expressed by shapes, color relationships, light, brush strokes, texture, and finally the feeling and passion I felt for the place at that moment in time.





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